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Change in VC10 Ownership


It's ours at last!

Added by Bob Wright on 16 August 2023

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Our Super VC10 has been at Duxford for all to see since 1980 but when we did an audit of the fleet as part of our preparation for Accreditation , we couldn’t find any documentary evidence that we actually own it. Unfortunately, when we contacted our friends at British Airways they couldn’t either! So perhaps it’s just as well that the idea going the rounds a few years ago that we try to swap it for one of the newer ex-RAF aircraft was not pursued. 23 years on, however, a legal Agreement has been drawn up that formally transfers ownership to DAS, effective from 1980, and this was signed by the Chairman on 23 July.

Our VC10 prepared for a filming session  photo credit: Steve Jeal




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