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Pics from Keiths article

2019 and a history of BEA

2019 is an anniversary year par excellence! We have already celebrated 50 years since our BAC 1-11 first flew back in January, swiftly followed by 50 years of Concorde in March. However, between those two important events in February, the anniversary of 50 years since the first flight of the Boeing 747 Jumbo jet passed by, Unlike the two British planes it is still in limited production. In June it will be 75 years since the D-day landings. IWM Duxford and Daks over Normandy... more >
Concorde crew

Back in the hot seat

Ex- Concorde crew Captain Andy Mills, Flying Officer John Tye and Flight Engineer Ian Radford, visited 101 last week and were delighted to be back on the flight deck!  more >
Trevor Evans in his office - the engineer's seat in Concorde

From the engineer's seat

2 March 2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first flight of a special aircraft known for its speed and luxury, an aircraft that has become unique as a technological, if not commercial triumph of its era. Nearly 50 years ago,... more >

AEC Militant

Nellie steps up

A wet Sunday saw the dedicated DAS crew shifting the Trident into the Conservation Hall for repainting. On the day, the tug wasn’t happy so Nellie stepped in like the old soldier she is, and did a great job. Nellie is a 20... more >

Alcock and Brown prepare for their historic flight

Pond Hopping

4 October 2018 sees the 60th anniversary of the first commercial jet airliner flights across the Atlantic. Our Comet G-APDB, here at Duxford, was one of two aircraft that took part in that historic crossing.  It all began when... more >

50 Glorious Years

Back in March 1969 - the second of March to be precise - test pilot André Turcat gathered his thoughts and his crew. Together, they walked out of their office at the Aerospatiale works at Toulouse, home of the Caravelle,... more >

Hurricane gate guardian at Duxford

Changing the Guard

Although not one of ours, late last year a new aeroplane appeared on the airliner ramp, a Hawker Hurricane replica. This normally lives atop a pole at the entrance to the public car park here at Duxford. Its owned by the IWM and the weather... more >

Our Viscount moves out for her new coat of paint

Viscount Repaint

It’s always exciting to see one of the British Airliner Collection aircraft moving down the runway as if it just might take off. The Viscount’s journey from its position on the pad into the Conservation Hall in AirSpace also... more >

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