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Pan Am...a lost American icon

Back in the 1960s there were many large airlines in the United States; TWA, Eastern, Braniff, Northwest Orient and Western to name just a few. But the one that stood out on the international air routes was Pan American World Airlines or as it was better known Pan Am. Sadly, after failures and takeovers, only three major legacy airlines are left in the USA; American, Delta and United. This is the story of the unofficial US flag carrier that was once the best-known international... more >

Ambassador 360 pano

Click on image below to enter the Ambassador 360-degree flight deck tour.    more >

From Boxkite to Concorde

The south of England used to be known for aircraft manufacturing. Just think Brooklands/ Vickers, Kingston/Hawker, Hatfield/de Havilland, Radlett/Handley Page, Luton/Percival, Reading/Miles, Shoreham/Beagle, Christchurch/ Airspeed, Brockworth... more >

Britannia 360 Pano

Click on image below to enter the Britannia 360-degree  passenger cabin tour.   more >


The sleeping princesses

The sleeping princesses   As a young boy, when we went on our ‘foreign’ holidays across the sea to the Isle of Wight, I always noticed the huge mummies on the dockside. My dad, who knew about these things, told me... more >

Trident 360 pano

Click on image below to enter the Trident 360-degree flight deck tour.   more >


Avro York

Troop carrier, freight mover, airliner and flying office, Roy Chadwick’s ingenious adaptation of the Lancaster bomber proved itself in war and peace. G-ANTK, now based at IWM Duxford, served in the Berlin Airlift and carried the... more >

VC10 360 Pano

Click on image below to enter the VC10 360-degree cabin tour.   more >

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