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Avro York

Troop carrier, freight mover, airliner and flying office, Roy Chadwick’s ingenious adaptation of the Lancaster bomber proved itself in war and peace. G-ANTK, now based at IWM Duxford, served in the Berlin Airlift and carried the 100,000th ton of supplies into Berlin. © British Airliner Collection Archive 2020 Produced with the help of Lottery Funding. Our thanks to British Airways Heritage Collection, Dan Air, Tod Nichol, IWM and Duxford Aviation Society. Post production... more >

Trident 360 pano

Click on image below to enter the Trident 360-degree flight deck tour.   more >

Britten Norman BN2

Britten Norman BN2 - a British success story At 6:45 am on 11 September 1970 the prototype BN Trislander made its first flight. To commemorate this event we reflect on the history of the company that built it and the story behind how... more >

VC10 360 Pano

Click on image below to enter the VC10 360-degree flight deck tour.   more >


Two Caledonians and a BCal

Two Caledonians and a BCal With all three airlines affectionately known in the trade as Callys, Caledonian Airways had two lives as Caledonian and one as the parent company of British Caledonian, although it must be said the last Caledonian... more >



Concorde 101 is open from 1 August but remember to collect your FREE timed ticket from the Concorde desk as early as possible after arrival at IWM Duxford. Boarding is distanced and limited to keep you safe. We look forward to seeing you soon!  more >


The de Havilland Comet

The world’s first passenger jet, complete with that characteristic jet whistle, triumphed over the tragic crashes of the 1950s to become the first non-stop, jet airliner across the Atlantic in 1958. Comet 4 G-APDB, now based at IWM... more >

VC10 360 Pano

Click on image below to enter the VC10 360-degree flight deck tour.     more >

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