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Maintenance Mutterings… 5

 Welcome to this month’s update on the engineering goings-on here at the British Airliner Collection. Most of this month’s news is a continuation of previous projects but we will start with something a little different, bird’s nests. Aeroplanes have a great number of inviting places for birds to build their nests and we go to great lengths to prevent them from getting into our airframes as the bird poo and rotting nest is corrosive to the aluminium of the aeroplane.... more >

DAS Museum 360-degree tour.

Click on image below to enter the DAS Museum 360-degree tour. Click on image below to enter the DAS Museum 360-degree flight deck tour.     more >

Airbus Industries - The new kid

Once thought of as the new kid on the block it’s hard to believe the Airbus company will be 52 years old this December. No longer just building airliners, it also markets the military freighter the A400M Atlas and its helicopter... more >

New home for the Herald

New home for the Herald

  We can now confirm the rumours that Handley Page Herald G-APWJ will be moving from Duxford to Morayvia near Inverness.   Morayvia is an aviation and technology museum and, like Duxford Aviation Society who own... more >


Maintenance Mutterings… 4

Just a short update on the engineering goings on here at the British Airliner Collection. The Herald has, after 37 years with us, departed to its new home in Scotland. The final weeks of its stay here saw mainly contractors working... more >

BAe146 flies into Duxford

BAe146 flies into Duxford

Over 100 members of the Duxford Aviation Society, IWM staff, press and TV gathered at IWM Duxford on Monday 24 January, to await the arrival of the newest addition to the British Airliner Collection, ZE701, a BAe146 Statesman newly retired... more >

Dan Air Comet

Dan, Dan the Comet man !

Mention the de Havilland Comet to people and many will immediately think of Dan-Air, mention Dan-Air to people and many will immediately think of the de Havilland Comet ! The two were inextricably linked for fourteen years over which... more >

An addition to the BAC

British Aerospace 146 ZE701 from the RAF’s Number 32 Squadron (the Royal Squadron) is flying in to IWM Duxford on 24 January to retire and join the British Airliner Collection The most successful British jet airliner, the BAe146... more >

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