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Dragon Rapide

The one that got away!

All photos by the author unless noted In 1934 the de Havilland Aircraft Company launched the DH89 Dragon Rapide, based on their previous twin-engine light transport design, the DH84 Dragon. The Dragon Rapide and its military variant, the Dominie, were produced until 1946 by which time 737 examples had been built. The Dragon had itself succeeded the single-engine DH83 Fox Moth and was a big success for the company, indeed it had been the type used to operate the inaugural service... more >
Breitling team

Brietling Formation

Breitling team in formation A great display. Fantastic picture! Photo Charles Butler  more >
History of BOAC

History of BOAC

For many years if you were in some far-off land trying to get home, nearing the end of a hot and dusty trip to the airport, nothing would lift the spirits more than that first glimpse of an aeroplane tail with its iconic Speedbird emblem.... more >


Trident and VC10

A great day out! It’s always busy and DAS volunteers work hard but showing the public the result of all that work is very rewarding. Photo Charles Butler    more >

Pics from Keiths article

2019 and a history of BEA

2019 is an anniversary year par excellence! We have already celebrated 50 years since our BAC 1-11 first flew back in January, swiftly followed by 50 years of Concorde in March. However, between those two important events in February,... more >


A busy day boarding

Boarding now! Sales of Boarding Passes were brisk. The British Airliner Collection aircraft welcomed visitors on board for a unique opportunity to compare the interiors of post-war aircraft. Photo Charles Butler  more >

Trevor Evans in his office - the engineer's seat in Concorde

From the engineer's seat

2 March 2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first flight of a special aircraft known for its speed and luxury, an aircraft that has become unique as a technological, if not commercial triumph of its era. Nearly 50 years ago,... more >

Aero Super Batics Stearmans

Stearmans in formation

Hold on tight! Aero Super Batics gave an astonishing display of skill, bravery and elegance. Photo Charles Butler  more >

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