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All in a lifetime

Alcock & Brown

100 years on the 15th June 1919 the Vickers Vimy of Alcock and Brown 'landed' in Ireland to complete the first non stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean.  Landing is a loose term but as the old saying goes, 'if you can walk away from it, then it is a landing.'  Since the intrepid days of Alcock and Brown, who it must be remembered had no guarantee of even surviving... more >

By Bob Wright, 2 July 2019

First of the Many

First of the Many

  On 13th June 1965 the prototype Britten Norman BN2 Islander G-ATCT took off from the grass airstrip at Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. 54 years later the aircraft is still being produced, albeit now on the mainland at Lee on Solent in Hampshire. Not many vehicles stay in production for over 50 years and the Islander is still recognisable now, with the only major... more >

By Bob Wright, 2 July 2019

May Airshow - Breitling Team Display

Breitling team

Breitling team in formation A great display. Fantastic picture! Photo Charles Butler  more >

By Bob Wright, 8 June 2019

May Airshow - Boarding our aircraft


A great day out! It’s always busy and DAS volunteers work hard but showing the public the result of all that work is very rewarding. Photo Charles Butler    more >

By Bob Wright, 8 June 2019

May Airshow - A Busy Day


Boarding now! Sales of Boarding Passes were brisk. The British Airliner Collection aircraft welcomed visitors on board for a unique opportunity to compare the interiors of post-war aircraft. Photo Charles Butler  more >

By Bob Wright, 8 June 2019

May Airshow - Hold on Tight!

Aero Super Batics Stearmans

Hold on tight! Aero Super Batics gave an astonishing display of skill, bravery and elegance. Photo Charles Butler  more >

By Bob Wright, 8 June 2019

May Airshow - Sally B fires up!

B17 Sally B

Sally B fires up The Boeing B-17G starts up in a cloud of smoke ready for her display. A firm favourite at every air show. Photo Charles Butler  more >

By Bob Wright, 8 June 2019

MAy Airshow - Viscount at her best


The oldest surviving Viscount shows off her new paintwork Seen outside in the sunshine, no one would guess her age. The paintwork is a tribute to the skills of the DAS team. Photo Charles Butler  more >

By Bob Wright, 8 June 2019

May Airshow - Apache Fire


Fire! An exciting display by the Attack Helicopter Display team (AHDT)  featuring an Apache AH1 gave the Duxford Fire Crew a chance to display their damping down routine. Photo Charles Butler  more >

By Bob Wright, 8 June 2019

May Airshow - Biplanes in Formation

Tiger 9 Team

Bi-planes in formation In an impressive display on a gusty day, the Tiger 9 Formation team showed just how manoeuvrable a bi-plane can be in the right hands. Photo Charles Butler  more >

By Bob Wright, 8 June 2019

May Airshow - Concorde Nose Lowering

Concorde nose

Concorde’s ever-popular nose lowering drew a large crowd at the Air Show. Restored to full working order by Heritage Concorde, there’s a demonstration on the last Sunday of every month. Photo Charles Butler  more >

By Bob Wright, 8 June 2019

Back in the hot seat

Concorde crew

Ex- Concorde crew Captain Andy Mills, Flying Officer John Tye and Flight Engineer Ian Radford, visited 101 last week and were delighted to be back on the flight deck!  more >

By Chrissie Eaves-Walton, 31 March 2019

Nellie steps into the breach

AEC Militant

A wet Sunday saw the dedicated DAS crew shifting the Trident into the Conservation Hall for repainting. On the day, the tug wasn’t happy so Nellie stepped in like the old soldier she is, and did a great job. Nellie is a 20 ton GVW post-war military AEC truck of a type introduced in May 1951, available as 6x4 and 6x6 variants. It has a 6-cylinder overhead valve diesel engine... more >

By Mark Webster, 15 February 2019

Concorde: Fifty Glorious Years

Back in March 1969 - the second of March to be precise - test pilot André Turcat gathered his thoughts and his crew. Together, they walked out of their office at the Aerospatiale works at Toulouse, home of the Caravelle, and across the tarmac to the waiting plane. However today it was not a Caravelle they were going to fly. It was the Anglo-French Concorde prototype.... more >

By Keith Bradshaw, 14 February 2019

Repaint for the oldest surviving Viscount

Our Viscount moves out for her new coat of paint

It’s always exciting to see one of the British Airliner Collection aircraft moving down the runway as if it just might take off. The Viscount’s journey from its position on the pad into the Conservation Hall in AirSpace also featured the Military Vehicle Wing’s newly restored tug. The trip couldn’t have gone more smoothly but it’s the excitement on the... more >

By Chrissie Eaves-Walton, 14 February 2019

Berlin Airlift Exhibition on Avro York

In 1948/9 the York was one of a fleet of Allied aircraft which delivered the largest humanitarian airlift ever attempted. The interior of Avro York G-ANTK has been reinterpreted for visitors to Duxford to celebrate the 70th anniversary of this record-breaking event. G-ANTK is part of the British Airliner Collection and visitors can board and experience a partly-loaded aircraft... more >

By Steve Jeal, 8 February 2019

Barbara Relives a Historic Flight

Barbara Halbert and the Comet meet again after sixty years

Barbara Halbert made a special trip from her home in Guernsey to be aboard her beloved Comet 4 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first jet passenger service on  4 October 1958. Sixty years ago, Barbara was on board our Comet 4 at Idlewild in New York, preparing to take off on the flight that set a new non-stop trans-Atlantic record and beat Pan Am by making the inaugural... more >

By Chrissie Eaves-Walton, 1 February 2019

Happy 50th, Mike Uniform!

BAC 1-11 on the tarmac at Heathrow

Our BAC 1-11 first flew exactly 50 years ago today on 29 January 1969 and still looks as good as new thanks to the efforts of DAS staff and volunteers. 1969 was a momentous year. Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Turbo-charged blues were blasting from out from Led Zeppelin, the Who wrote Tommy and the Beatles performed on the roof of Apple Records’ studio. In the aviation world,... more >

By Giles Beale, 29 January 2019

A 124,420,813 mile round trip!

Avro York in Hangar

That was the total distance flown by allied aircraft 70 years ago during the 15 months of operations known as the Berlin Airlift between July 1948 and September 1949. What had brought this about? The circumstances surrounding the airlift are quite well known so here is just a quick resume of the political situation at the time that led to this extraordinary logistical challenge followed... more >

By Keith Bradshaw, 25 July 2018

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